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Thursday: Would YOU Try Charcoal Lemonade? Plus, “The Post’s” Matthew Rhys on Working with Spielberg!

Have you had a dinner party disaster?

You excitedly invited your guests over for a fun dinner party...but did the night turn into a nightmare? Did you make a turkey and started cutting it up only to find out that it was way undercooked (probably needed another good hour or so more to cook)? Or even worse, you burnt the roast and now your main dish is in the trash? Have you had ten of your closest friends over for dinner and didn't have enough food? Did the fire department show up at your house because you set the fire alarm off...and even more embarrassing the sprinklers went off too? Are you perplexed about how to get the timing, proportions, and menu right when throwing a dinner party? You're not the first and won't be the last, so if you've had a dinner party debacle we want to hear what happened.