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Friday: The BLT of Your Dreams + Are We Swimming with Sharks?! Kind Of!

Do you or someone you know have a "frenemy?"

Are you friends with someone but talk behind their back? Do you have friends that bully you? Are you tired of the mean comments and all the gossiping? Do you lie to your friend about how they look just so you look better? Are you jealous of your friend but like them at the same time? Do you go after guys your friend likes just because it's fun? Do you enjoy when other people make fun of your friend even though it hurts her feelings? Is your friendship so hot and cold, you never know what to expect? Think your friendship has taken a turn for the worse and is heading to be toxic? Has your life become the real "mean girls?" Are you a mom who's watching your daughter be betrayed by her friends? If you have had enough and want to set the record straight with your "frenemy," we would love to hear from you!