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Do you have a really, really ugly painted wall?

Clearly, this is not a question you want to be able to say "yes" to... but does honesty compel you to admit that you posses what may be, unfortunately, an award-winningly ugly painted wall? Has your wall flaked and stained over the years, from dirt and kids and pictures that have come and gone? Was it trendy (at least arguably) back in the day when you got all snazzy and sponge-painted it (except, OK, even then it didn't really look right)? Did you just do a lousy job painting it, and get too busy to go back over and touch up the awful smears and spots you missed... or maybe you couldn't choose what color to paint it, and tried several colors, the blocks of which have been waiting for you to get around to painting it all the one right color you just haven't had time to select? In other words, whatever the reason, no matter how bad the sight-if you have a terrible, awful, hard-to-describe-how-unattractive-it-is-in-words wall-we're looking for you!