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Tuesday: "Stranger Things," "Once Upon a Time," Binge-Watching Snacks + Rach's Lasagna!

What would you do for a meal made by Rach?

Do you watch the show and wish you could eat Rachael's meal? Well, now's your chance to earn a seat at the kitchen table! Maybe you'll find a super unique way to raise money for Rachael's Yum-o organization! Or maybe you showed your love for Rach by camping out at your local bookstore just to meet her! Are you such a big fan you named your dogs Rachael and Ray? We want to see the most awesome and creative things you can think of to show her your love! So, get those cameras rolling and show us what you would do for a meal made by Rach! Share your story here, or send us a video showing what you've done following the guidelines below! * After you hit the record button, wait 10 seconds before speaking. Talk right into the camera and speak loudly enough so that we can hear you. * Avoid background noise, such as music or TV * Do not wear white, small intricate patterns or any logos * Make sure that the date and time stamp won't be shown on the video * Please shoot this while the sun is still out to ensure adequate lighting The rest is up to you! We accept the following video formats: Digital Beta Beta SP Mini DV DVD VHS Once your video is ready, upload the file below or send via mail to: The Rachael Ray Show - What Would You Do? 328 8th Avenue P.O. Box 149 New York, NY 10001 If you are sending in the mail, please include your name, address, contact phone numbers (daytime / evening / cell) and an e-mail address where you can be reached. By submitting a video, you agree that KWP Studios Inc. and its subsidiaries, affiliates and partners may edit, publish or otherwise use your submission in any manner (including on this website or on television) and that you have read and agree to this site's Terms of Use. We may require additional releases from you and anyone else who appears in your tape, so do not include anyone in your video who does not want to be shown on TV or on this website.