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Tuesday: Who Will Win Our 5th Annual Fantasy Foodball Cook-Off — Team Patriots, Jaguars, Eagles or Vikings?!

My friend doesn't know I sometimes...(what)?

You love her-but. But sometimes, when she's going on and on (and ON!) about her ex, you put the phone down and just pick it up to say "uh-huh" once in a while. Or, you've been best friends for years, but you still don't know what she does for a living. Or you've been secretly leaving extra money on restaurant tables when you go out to eat because she's such a miserly tipper. From little white lies like, "No, no-that does not make you look fat!" to bigger ones like, "I never thought you two would break up!" sometimes honesty isn't the best policy between friends. Is there somebody you've fudged the truth with for the sake of your friendship? We want to know what you've done for a friend...that the friend would die if she knew about!