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Wednesday: Nate’s Instagram-Worthy DIY Tricks + 3 Ways to Cook Perfect Eggs + Rach Makes a Spicy Steak!

Have a holiday double duty tip?

It's that time of year again and who doesn't need a few tips to help make the holiday season a little easier.Ã�  We know you can use your Christmas tree holder to hold up your Christmas tree, or that your wreath belongs on your door — but what weÃ� want to know is your way more creative uses!Ã�  If you've figured out a cool use for an everyday tool or appliance, one that solves a common holiday problem, we want to hear about it.Ã�  We're looking for "holiday double-duty" ideas, the more unusual, the better.Ã�  So this holiday season, tell us about the out-of-the-box ways you've been using things you have around the house (especially things that let you get something doneÃ� without buying another special gadget), and let everybody share in your holiday genius!