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Clinton Kelly's Low-Carb Sauces To Dress Up Any Meat + 4 Grilled Skewer Recipes

How does Clinton Kelly throw a summer party? With a margarita bar and homemade sauce pairings! Speaking of summer, Richard Blais is inviting us to his backyard BBQ, where he's making four different recipes on the grill — including Chicken Tandoori Skewers and Grilled Rosemary Potatoes. Then, he's in the studio answering your biggest BBQ questions. Alan Alda is also in the house with *deep* rapid-fire questions for Rach. And she's making chili burgers with BBQ coleslaw for dinner!

Dr. Ian's Anti-Aging Food Secrets + Spiced Pork Ragu with Cavatelli Pasta

Today is all about living your best life — at any age! Dr. Ian Smith is here with anti-aging tips from across the globe, and we're cooking with the 20-year-old chef who's taking the culinary world by storm. And that's not all! We're also meeting the 22-year-old host of "Brainchild" on Netflix, Sahana Srinivasan, an 81-year-old New Yorker whose secret to staying young at heart is roller skating AND a 94-year-old baker! Meanwhile in the kitchen, Rach is serving up a meat-free twist on a Philly classic.

Nate Berkus & Jeremiah Brent Settle Decorating Dilemmas + a Cheese-STUFFED Burger

Nate Berkus and his husband Jeremiah Brent are tackling our viewers' design debates — before we turn the tables and let the audience settle Nate and Jeremiah's own at-home décor squabble. Then, Lauren Cohan from "The Walking Dead" shares a very memorable audition story. In the kitchen, Chef Richard Blais is throwing down one juicy burger and Rach is serving up sun-dried tomato pasta, too!

Melissa Joan Hart Talks Playing a Chef on Her Netflix Show + Better-For-You Nachos

Today is all about the heart of the home: the kitchen! Melissa Joan Hart is giving us a tour of the kitchen on the set of her Netflix show, "No Good Nick" — where she plays a chef and restaurant owner. We're also going inside the coolest kitchens of our viewers from across the country and meeting Brussels Sprout, the adorable shopping dog. Plus, Tracy Pollan and her family are serving amped-up veggie nachos guaranteed to please a crowd. What's for dinner? Rachael's making a summer pasta with red pepper sauce!

Rach's Mushroom, Eggplant and Harissa Ragu with Rigatoni + Dr. Drew Settles 3 Relationship Debates

Dr. Drew is in the house and he's settling relationship debates about budgeting, differing parenting styles and more. We've got the ultimate makeover for a busy mom of three who runs a farm, plus a self-care routine that will transform your Sundays! And Rach is serving up a veggie-filled sauce over pasta that is perfect for this weekend's dinner.

This Week on the Show

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