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Thursday: Would YOU Try Charcoal Lemonade? Plus, “The Post’s” Matthew Rhys on Working with Spielberg!

JULY 10 - JULY 14, 2017

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‘Guess the Guest’ With Donnie Wahlberg + an Ambush Cooking Lesson with ‘Top Chef’ Richard Blais

Get ready for an hour full of surprises in our Mystery Show! First, Rach has to guess the identity of her first guest…spoiler alert – it’s our pal Donnie Wahlberg! Then, we’ve got a huge surprise for one wife who says her husband needs help in the kitchen – an ambush cooking lesson from ‘Top Chef’ Richard Blais! Plus, Rach is making pork chops, and we’ve got one final surprise our audience members didn’t see coming!


Sunny Anderson’s Easy Pancake Batter Recipes + Craig Ferguson’s in the Hot Seat!

Batter up! Sunny Anderson has three recipes you can make using pancake batter – like cinnamon rolls with bacon! Then, organizational pro Peter Walsh has seven cleaning secrets you need to know – like a double-duty trick for your dryer sheets! Plus, our audience is putting the hilarious Craig Ferguson on the hot seat, and Rach is cook’ing a creamy pasta dish!


Six-time Olympic Medalist Aly Raisman + an Army Wife Makeover You Won’t Forget!

 We have Olympic royalty in the house today! Six-time medalist Aly Raisman is in the house – and she’s giving us an inside look at what she eats for breakfast, lunch and dinner! And, an Army wife who’s lost 50 pounds since her husband’s deployment gets a head-to-toe makeover…but she doesn’t know that he’s back home and will be surprising her right in our studio! Plus, burgers get a makeover of their own with Rach’s Cheeseburger Salad!


Dr. Oz Takes Us Inside a Giant Brain + Curtis Stone Turns Your Scraps into Snacks!

Dr. Oz is taking us inside a giant brain in our studio! Then, are you really making the most of all your groceries? Chef Curtis Stone turns food you might throw away – like potato peels – into tasty snacks! And, Rachael’s making tuna melts!


Clinton Kelly Fixes Fashion Disasters + 4 Types of Cellulite and How to Get Rid of It!

Clinton Kelly is helping three of our viewers with their fashion disasters – including one man who wore shorts to his own wedding! And, we’re breaking down the four types of cellulite – and how to help fix them! Plus, Rach is making cauliflower steaks with salsa verde!