5 Cheap Steak Cuts For When You're On a Budget

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Playing Rachael's Best Tips For Cooking Steak On a Budget

If you're watching your grocery budget, steak is likely one of the first things to go, right? Well before you swear off of cooking steak completely, listen up. According to Rach, there are five cuts of meat that are affordable enough to buy on a budget.

So when you want to make a nice steak dinner at home for your family or for date night (for way less money), here are the cuts to consider.

The five best cuts of steak to buy when you're on a budget are: boneless sirloin, skirt steak, hanger steak, shoulder steak and flat iron steak. Read on for Rachael's tips on how to cook each cut, what to pair it with and more.

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1 + 2: Boneless Sirloin and Skirt Steak

Boneless sirloin: Approx. $11.99/lb
Skirt steak: Approx. $15.99/lb

Cook your boneless sirloin and skirt steak on a broiler pan.

"A little goes a long way," Rachael says. "Bump it up with some veggies and a little simple sauce, you're good to go."

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3: Hanger Steak

Approx. $12.99/lb

Hanger steak has become increasingly popular in recent years, so prices have gone up somewhat — but it's still an affordable and versatile cut.

Rach loves to cook hanger steak in an extremely hot cast-iron skillet. 

Make oven fries on the side, purchase a nice bottle of inexpensive red wine "and you have yourself a little date night at home, cheaper than going out," she says.

Need some recipe inspo from Rach? Try making her Steak Frites and Creamed Spinach or her Sliced Hanger Steak with Smoky Mustard Dressing.

4 + 5: Shoulder Steak and Flat Iron Steak

Shoulder steak: Approx. $13.99/lb
Flat Iron Steak: Approx. $13.99/lb

Unlike other steaks, Rachael says shoulder and flat iron steaks shouldn't be put in a screaming hot pan. Instead, cook these cuts of meat in a pan over medium heat for a little bit longer.

"For an inch thick, I'd say you're going to need a good eight to 10 minutes in there, just over moderate heat," she says.

"They are so flavorful and so affordable," Rach adds. 

See how beautifully these steaks cook up in the video above.

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