What's the Secret to Making the Perfect Toast?

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We've all been there before: We put a few slices of toast into the toaster, get distracted, and minutes later, come back to find our bread burnt to a crisp and, worse, completely inedible.

Luckily, our culinary producer, Jeanette, is here to give you her secret tip for how to toast to perfection, just like you see on our show.

"My secret for making the perfect toast is: Don't toast and leave," she told us backstage.

"Stay with your toast," she continued. "Make sure it's browning; make sure it's not burning. [Otherwise], you'll get distracted anywhere else you walk in the kitchen."

Jeanette, who over the years has wowed us with her incredible watermelon centerpieces, has become Rachael's go-to toaster on our show. Still, she insists Rach knows how to get the job done when push comes to toast.

"Rachael can toast," she says. "I just think she gets a little distracted when she's moving about. She's got so many other things to think about; she's got a full studio audience."

"I think if she put her mind to it, she can do it; but while she's here, she's got me."

As for her toasting advice for Rach?

"Just leave it to me."

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