Jon Taffer’s Holiday Cocktail Tips

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired December 01, 2014

From the hit show, ‘Bar Rescue’ John Taffer has your back this year for holiday cocktails. If you’re throwing a huge bash, follow these party drink tips!

1.) Signature Cocktail

Make sure to have a signature cocktail that’s delicious and fun. Try using an ice ball filled with fruits, edible flowers or mint. Fill it with purified water for a fun, colorful cocktail.

2.) Infused Cocktails and Spirits

Try using a natural vodka infuser with fruits, spice and nuts and infuse them into spirits. After letting it sit for about an hour, your spirit will take on a whole new flavor. It’s dangerously good!

3.) Layered Cocktail

To make a layered cocktail, place a denser liquid on the bottom. With the help of the  Rainbow Cocktail Layering Tool, try using grenadine, soda water and flavored vodka with natural layering. Don’t forget to rim the glass with peppermint for an added flavor!

4.) Make Wine Last Longer

Save your money and make your wine even better! Use a wine pump that seals and opens your wine so oxygen doesn’t ruin it!

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