9 Affordable Holiday Decorating Tips You Need to Know

by Rachael Ray Show Staff 2:00 PM, December 11, 2014


Aired December 11, 2014

As anyone who celebrates the holidays will tell you, decorating can cost you a lot of time and money.

With that in mind, we've pulled together nine decorating tips for this season that will make your house look like a million bucks for just a tiny fraction of the cost.

Get these expert tips from the likes of Tori Spelling, the Property Brothers and Taniya Nayak, below.

1.) A Make-Your-Own Ice Wreath

What if we told you that you could decorate your house ... for free? To create these gorgeous ice ornaments, simply pour water into a pie bowl and add various items from around the yard (acorns, leaves -- whatever you'd like). Then, tie a string to a block of wood and place the wood into the water, leaving the edge with the strange hanging outside. Place the bowl in the freezer. Once the water has turned into ice, hang the ornaments around the outisde of your house as you see fit.

2.) Homemade Stockings

There are few better ways to personalize your Christmas than by making your own stocking, and this tip from Tori Spelling will help you do just that. In addition to making your mantle look beautiful, the fresh pinecones, berries and twigs will give your house that Christmas smell you crave every holiday season.

3.) A Christmas Tree ... Made Out of Wire Hangers?!

Decorating a Christmas tree has never been easier -- or cheaper! Using pipe cleaner, tie together some wire hangers to form the shape of a tree. Then, wrap around some garland and lights and voila! You're ready for Christmas.

4.) A Cru de Tree

This is the cutest way to get your kids thinking -- and eating -- healthy. Plus, since it's made entirely out of vegetables, you won't feel as guilty when your kids pick it apart in seconds.

5.) Turn Your Christmas Cards into Ornaments

This tip will cost you mere cents to pull off, plus it's a great opportunity to bring friends and family together. Take a hole puncher and punch holes into the top corner of your Christmas cards. Tie a piece of string through the hole and hang the cards around the tree as you see fit.

6.) Plastic Plate Picture Frames

Picture frames for $1? Yes, please. Buy a stack of plastic plates from a dollar store. Then, print out your photos and, using scissors, size them down so that they fit in the center of the plate. Glue the photographs onto the plate and place them on your walls.

7.) 'Re-Gift' Your Leftover Cardboard Boxes

One of the frustratings parts about the holiday shopping season is figuring out what to do with all your leftover cardboard boxes. Common sense will tell you to either store them in your basement or simply throw them out. But for as little as $10, you can actually recycle them into useful decorations. What you'll need: lights, wax and wrapping paper. What you'll get: The coolest holiday lights on the block!

8.) A Make-Your-Own Snow Globe

Take the lid of your jar and, using your glue gun, glue on your decorations. You can use anything from miniature snowmen to miniature Christmas trees -- anything that puts you in the holiday spirit. Then, add roughly two tablespoons of glycerine to your mason jar. From there, add water until the jar is almost full. Take your lid and place it on top of the jar, screwing it tight. Flip the jar over and shake!