Keri Glassman’s Healthy Eating Tips

Aired January 13, 2015

The top three New Year’s resolutions are losing weight, eating better, and getting finances in order. Nutrition expert Keri Glassman is here today with tips that’ll help you stick to your weight-loss goals.  “I always tell people that I can’t invent new foods, but I can help you prepare them in different ways so you’re motivated to eat them, and you like them more,” says Keri. “But apparently the farmers can invent new foods!”

Keri is using “BroccoLeaf” which are literally broccoli leaves, and sautéing them to make a delicious side dish. Then, she’s whipping up a batch of kale chips in a whole new way using “Kalettes.” “If Brussels sprouts and kale had a baby, they would make kalettes!” jokes Keri. Get her recipes below.

Sautéed Broccoleaf
Roasted Kalettes