Six Easy Solutions for Your Makeup Disasters

Playing Hack: How To Fix Your Broken Lipstick
Hack: How To Fix Your Broken Lipstick Aired April 16, 2015

by Lisa Lozano

Makeup can be very pricey, so when it doesn’t work out for one reason or another, it can be a hit to the pocketbook! But beauty expert Mally Roncal is showing you how to turn your makeup mishaps into beauty opportunities!

Problem 1: Your Lipstick Broke

Solution: Mally shows you how to use a lighter to (carefully!) melt your lipstick back into shape, then refrigerate. Just like new!

Problem 2: Your Foundation is too Thick

Solution: Add a little mineral water to thin it out.

Problem 3: Your Powder is too Dull

Solution: Just shave a soft, shimmery blush into your powder to give it a new glimmer.

Problem 4: Your Foundation is too Flat

Solution: Grate some highlighting powder into your foundation, and mix well, then apply as usual.

Problem 5: Your Eyeshadow Gets Smashed

Solution: Add petroleum jelly, coconut oil and cocoa butter to the loose eyeshadow powder, and you’ve got a homemade lip gloss!

Problem 6: Your Powder Compact Got Smashed

Solution: Just add a little rubbing alcohol to the powder in your compact, and blend. It will be as good as new!

What’s your most annoying makeup mishap?

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