6 Solutions to Underwear Mistakes You’re Probably Making

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by Lisa Lozano

We’re about to blow your mind with solutions for the most common underwear mistakes. And you probably don’t even know you’re making them!

Mistake #1: Visible underwear lines

With more and more people choosing to wear form-fitting clothes like leggings and yoga pants, underwear lines are a real problem. If you find thongs uncomfortable, what’s a girl to do?

Solution: Choose a control top pair of undies without a lot of elastic, like a lace boyshort.

Mistake No. 2: Underwear that is too big and sags in the back

There are lots of reasons your underwear can be too big, maybe you just lost a bunch of weight, or maybe it just got stretched out. But a saggy rear isn’t attractive to anyone!

Solution: Go for a stretchy bikini-style boyshort that is more form-fitting and hugs your frame.

Mistake No. 3: Your underwear is creating a muffin top and rolls

If you’re wearing underwear that hits in the wrong place, it can create unsightly rolls.

Solution: Invest in some good shapewear. A good piece will smooth everything out so you will have no unsightly lines, and it’s more comfortable than ever.

Mistake No. 4: You’re putting your underwear on wrong

Wait, what? Our lingerie expert reveals that most people pull up their underwear from the back first. This results in the panties being higher in the back, which creates two problems. First, your underwear can show above your pants in the back. Second, by having the panty line too low in the front, it creates a tummy pooch that sticks out.

Solution: Once your underwear is on, grab the gusset (crotch) area and pull forward and up, then pull down in the back, until the top of your underwear is straight from front to back.

Mistake No. 5: You’re wearing all-cotton undies during the day

Cotton underwear won’t hold its shape as well, and tends to wrinkle under your clothes. Instead, go for a stretch lace fabric, with a cotton gusset.

Mistake No. 6: You don’t want to buy a bigger size that might fit you better

Sizing can vary, so in one brand, an XL can fit like a medium.

Solution: Choose the pair that fits you best, regardless of what size it is.

Which one of these solutions wowed you the most?

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