Four Surprising Signs that You Are Wearing the Wrong Bra Size

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How to Tell If You're Wearing the Right Bra Aired May 27, 2015

by Lisa Lozano

Did you know that 85% of women are reportedly wearing the wrong bra size? Who knew?! Our “bra whisperer” Susan is telling you how to tell if you are wearing the right size.

Sign No. 1: You Have Muffin Top Spillage

If your breasts are flowing over the top of your bra, the size is not correct.

Sign No. 2: Your Bra Straps Dig in to Your Shoulders

If your bra straps are leaving angry red marks on your shoulders, you are wearing the wrong size.

Sign No. 3: Your Bra is Riding Up in the Back

The bottom of your bra should be level from front to back.

Sign No. 4: Your Bra is Not Giving You the Cleavage You Want

If your bra isn’t making the most of your bust, you should try a different size.

So how can you be sure you have a good-fitting bra? Watch the video below and then go to your local lingerie or department store and get measured!

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