These 5 Brilliant Ways to Repurpose Everyday Items Will Help You Get Ultra-Organized

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired May 29, 2015

by Lisa Lozano

Organization expert Peter Walsh reveals brilliant ways to repurpose simple items that everyone has lying around the house. Get ready to get organized!

Hack No. 1: Use a Kleenex Box to Store Plastic Grocery Bags

You can cram a lot of plastic bags inside a Kleenex box, and then just use a little double-sided tape to attach it to the inside of a kitchen cabinet! Genius!

Hack No. 2: Use a Tension Rod to Make More Space for Cleaning Supplies

Install an ordinary tension rod in your under-sink cabinet to hang bottles of cleaning supplies, creating more space!

Hack No. 3: Use Soda Tabs for Hang Double the Clothes on Your Hangers

Peter shows you how to thread a soda can tab over a hanger, and hang an additional hanger from it, storing two articles of clothing instead of one!

Hack No. 4: Use Bread Tabs to Label Cords

How many times have you crawled around under your desk trying to figure out which cord goes to which device? Just use bread tags to label each cord so that you know which cord is which. Brilliant!

Hack No. 5: Tie Vases Together to Create Storage

Everyone has vases under their sink from previous flower gifts. If you empty them, arrange them artfully in a group, then tie them together with ribbon, you’ve got a brand-new organization station! Pens and pencils can go in one, mail in another, and you can always use one for its original use – to hold flowers!

Watch the video below to see these tips in action!

Peter Walsh's Double-Duty Organizing Tips

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