Make These 3 Simple Changes to Get Fit for Summer

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by Lisa Lozano

Biggest Loser Australia trainer Michelle Bridges visits the States and show Rach three easy lifestyle changes that will help you get bikini-ready for the summer months.

Change 1: King, Prince, Pauper.

Michelle advises eating breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. This way, you get all the energy you need to start the day with a bang, and eat less as you need less energy as the day wears on.

Change 2: Use Your Body Weight to Determine How Much Water You Should Drink

Everyone knows how important staying hydrated is, but Michelle says that water needs vary based on body size. She advises dividing your body weight in half – that will be the number of ounces you should drink for the day.

Tip: If you exercise, add a little more water into your daily regimen.

Change 3: For Every 20 Seconds of Exercise, Take 10 Seconds to Rest

Michelle recommends the Tabata method of high intensity training – 10 seconds of rest for every 20 seconds of high intensity exercise over a period of four minutes.

Watch above to see her outline her healthy tips, and to watch her put the Tabata method into action as she trains organization expert Peter Walsh!

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