5 Super Fun DIY Projects You Can Actually Do with Your Kids This Summer

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by Lisa Lozano

If school has let out in your area already, you might be wondering how to fill that long expanse of time before school starts again, particularly on hot or rainy days. Well, look no further because we have five super-cool activities you can do with the kids – and we guarantee you probably have all or most of the supplies in your home already!

Project No. 1: DIY Lava Lamp

This is so cool and your kids are going to freak when they see it. Just add vegetable oil, water, food coloring and alka seltzer to a water bottle and watch the show!

Project No. 2: Make-Your-Own Bathtub Paint

Want your budding Picasso to be able to make masterpieces on the bathtub tile wall at bathtime? Just make Camila Alves’ easy paint, which consists of cornstarch, hand soap, food coloring and water.

Project No. 3: Make it Snow in Summer

It’s summer so snowy days are long gone, but you can show your kids “snow” right at home! And all you need is baking soda and hair conditioner! How easy is that? Then your kids can make “snowmen”!

The video below demonstrates projects 4 and 5. Watch:

Project No. 4: Coffee Cup Penny Fling

Scott Bedford shows you how to draw a face on a coffee cup and make small holes in the sides, inserting wooden coffee stirrers for the “arms.” Then use the flexible “arms” to try to fling pennies into the cup. How fun!

Project No. 5: Cereal Box Penny Jump

Cut a hole in the side of a cereal box and insert a folded paper or cardboard “ramp” pointed down. Then line up several bowls, with the first several covered in plastic wrap. If you do it right, you can insert a marble into the ramp and it will skip from mug to mug!

What’s your favorite DIY activity to do with kids? Tell us in the comments.

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