6 Brilliant Ways to Upcycle Household Items for Elegant Outdoor Entertaining

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By Lisa Lozano

If you want to throw an elegant and intimate outdoor party but don’t want to drain your bank account decorating your backyard, Nate Berkus has six tips that will help you repurpose household items you already own.

Step 1: Don’t Go Crazy Buying Things

We’ve all been there – you’re about to have a party and you’re running madly around town with a million stops to make to purchase all the items you think you need. Nate says to avoid this – most of what you need can be found at home.

Step 2: But Do Purchase an Outdoor Rug

Nate suggests buying an outdoor rug (or two or three) to use to set up the food tables and seating areas. It will protect your belongings from the elements and create an intimate gathering space. And what’s great about outdoor rugs is that you can buy them at all price points and can often find them in discount stores or on sale at department stores.

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Step 3: Bring Your Coffee and Side Tables Outside

Set up your living room coffee table and side tables on the outdoor rug. They make great options for serving food and drinks.

Step 4: Use Offbeat Seating Options for a Less Stuffy Feel

Bring small, portable seating options like pillows, benches and ottomans outside and scatter in cozy configurations on your outdoor rug.

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Step 5: Set Supplies on Trays for Portability

Put items like plates, cups and even food on portable trays so you can easily carry items inside and out when it’s time to serve or replenish.

Step 6: Convey a Color Scheme Through Accessories

If you have a color scheme you’d like to employ, why not use decorative pillows in that color scheme rather than buying paper decorations?

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So now you’re ready to have your next party, and all the décor you’ll need to buy is a rug and maybe a few accessories! Have a blast! Watch below to hear Nate explain his tips in detail:

Nate Berkus' Tips for Hosting an Outdoor Event

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