Clinton Kelly Reveals 5 Secrets to Looking Great in a Suit

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by Lisa Lozano

Why do some men look sophisticated and polished when they put on a suit, while others don’t get it quite right? It’s all about the details! Clinton Kelly is revealing five subtle tricks that will help you up your suit game.

Secret 1: Button correctly

Most men wear two-button suits these days, but Clinston shares that you should never make the faux-pas of buttoning the bottom button. Your jacket will hang better if you only button the top one.

Secret 2: Match your leather

Make sure that your belt and shoes match to look your best.

Secret 3: Coordinate socks and pants

Wear socks to coordinate with your pants, rather than your shoes, to create a smooth line from your pants to your shoes.

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Secret 4: Jacket sleeve length

If you want your suit to look like it fits properly, make sure that your shirtsleeve falls a half inch or so below your jacket sleeve. This fulfills a practical purpose too – the grime of the day will stay on your easy-to-wash shirt rather than messing up your harder-to-clean jacket.

Secret 5: Proper tie length

To pull it all together, finish your look with a tie that is the proper length. According to Clinton, you want the bottom of your tie to hit the top of your belt.

Follow these tips to look great at any formal occasion, whether it’s a job interview or a family wedding.

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