You're Washing Your Face Wrong — Here's How To Do It Right

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Playing How Clean is Your Face... Really?

We wash our faces every day, but as one woman learned, we might not be removing nearly as much bacteria as we should!

Dr. Whitney Bowe put our viewer Erin's face under a special camera, which revealed that she has large pores that contain more bacteria than 95 percent of her peers.

Dr. Bowe walks Erin through a step-by-step process of cleaning her face properly at the end of the day.

Step One: Remove eye makeup with an oil-based makeup remover.

Dr. Bowe says to soak a cotton ball in makeup remover, and then apply to your closed eyelid for ten seconds. Then, wipe off the eye makeup.

Step Two: Splash your face with warm water.

Step Three: Apply a gentle cleanser to your fingertips.

Step Four: Use circular motion to wash face.

Start at the corner of your mouth, then work up to the sides of the nose, forehead, temples, cheeks, then chin, while gently rubbing cleanser on to your face with a circular motion. Dr. Bowe describes the motion as "circular breaststrokes," as if you're swimming. While you're doing this, intermittently splash your face with water to dilute the cleanser and rinse.

Step Five: Pat dry with a towel.

When you're done, pat your face dry with a towel. Dr. Bowe cautions against wiping or rubbing, because it will stretch your skin.

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