Season 10 Countdown: 9 of Our Most Life-Changing Organization Tips

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by Lisa Lozano

Our 10th season is kicking off on Monday, August 14 and to mark the occasion, we’ve compiled nine of our best home organization tips we’ve ever done with organization expert Peter Walsh! Read on for some tips that could truly change your life!

No. 1: Organize Your Accessories with 4 Simple Tips

Peter suggests using a paper towel holder to organize your bracelets, a men’s tie holder on the inside of your closet door for your scarves, use a towel rack with some S hooks to hang your necklaces, and keep your earrings together by threading them through a button! Amazing!

No. 2: De-Clutter Your Purse

To avoid back problems, Peter suggests that your purse should weigh no more than three pounds. He suggests to put all of your makeup and personal items into a clear pouch, all your pencils, pens and electronic devices into a pencil case, and finally, use your phone to eliminate clutter by receiving receipt electronically, using reward apps instead of cards, and write grocery lists. He recommends going through your purse once a week to keep everything organized.

No. 3: Get ‘Hospital Corners’ When Making Your Bed

If you’ve always wanted to get the perfect “hospital corners” when making your bed, you’ve come to the right place! Watch the video above to learn the simple process.

No. 4: Organize Your Bathroom Counter in 10 Minutes

Peter Walsh challenges you to take only 10 minutes to go through all the items on your bathroom countertop and discard anything you’re not using. Then, take everything else off the countertop and put it into a cupboard in a plastic container or drawer. When you’re finished, you should only have a few items that you use every single day left on the counter.

No. 5: De-clutter Your Junk Drawer in 10 Minutes

Take everything out of your junk drawer and get rid of anything that is trash or that you’re not using. Also, set aside everything that belongs elsewhere in your home. Then, start putting items back into the drawer, putting like things together in small plastic containers or cardboard boxes. You’re done!

No. 6: Organize Your Photos in Hanging Folders and Albums

Peter suggests using hanging folders that close with elastics to store and categorize your photo collection. For extra special photos, you can use a large album with sleeves the photos can slide right into.

No. 7: Organize Your Freezer in No Time

If you’re always just throwing your frozen goods in the freezer haphazardly and hoping the door will shut, Peter has a new way for you. He suggests using bins to organize like items together, so you will always be able to find what you need!

No. 8: Organize Your Kitchen Cupboards in 60 Minutes

When Rachael learned of a couple using their bathroom as a pantry because their kitchen cabinets were so cluttered, she sent Peter Walsh to the rescue! Peter showed them how, by using small storage bins, they could get their whole kitchen organized in 60 minutes! Brilliant!

No. 9: Keep Your Sheet Sets Together with this Ingenious Trick

If your linen closet is a mess and you can never find matching pillowcases, try this trick. Take one pillowcase from the set, and put the rest of the folded sheets and pillowcase from the set inside. Also, go through your sheet sets and discard or donate anything that is missing pieces or is soiled.

Which area of your home do you have the most trouble keeping organized? Tell us below!

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