11 Elegant and Beautiful DIY Holiday Decorations from a Dollar Store

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired December 09, 2015

If you want to bring some Christmas cheer into your home, but your budget is limited, we’re here to help! Camila Alves, Tori Spelling, the Property Brothers and more stars are here with classy but inexpensive projects that will make your holiday home look like a million bucks!

No. 1: Cinnamon Stick Candle

This is such a cute and easy idea! Just buy a basic white pillar candle and some cinnamon sticks. Attach them to the outside of your candle with a rubber band and twine, then tie on some bells or other adornments! So cute and easy!

No. 2: Sock Ornaments

Buy holiday socks at a dollar store, then stuff a styrofoam ball inside. Trim and glue the end, and add a hanger. So easy and so adorable!

No. 3: Mini Pine Cone Christmas Trees

This one is so cute and very fun to make with kids. Find mini terra cotta pots and paint them silver, then paint pine cones green and stick them into the pot, and glue a star on top! So adorable.

No. 4: Dress Up Inexpensive Wreaths

You can buy wreaths at a dollar store, but let’s face it, they might not be the polished look you’re going for. So just buy some faux flowers and other adornments at a dollar store and attach them using wire and a glue gun! So easy and a beautiful end result.

No. 5: Make a Festive Spray-Snow Candle Holder

Buy a can of spray snow and use it to accent your plain candle holders. Add a red pillar candle and you have an instant table centerpiece!

No. 6: Create a Christmas Tree Card Display

Organization expert Peter Walsh has an adorable idea for displaying your holiday cards. Take some kitchen twine and tape it to the wall in the shape of a Christmas tree. Then use clothespins to hang your cards from the twine. How cute!

No. 7: Make a DIY Snow Globe

Tori Spelling shared this fun project with us – it’s a DIY mason jar snow globe! You basically glue any fun holiday knickknack like a little plastic snowman and a mini Christmas tree to the inside of your lid, then add the “snow” and water components to the jar, screw the lid on, and you’ve got your snow globe! Watch the video and click through for details!

No. 8: Decorate Your Own Holiday Stocking

This is another fun one to do with kids. Buy some inexpensive, plain stockings and some decorations like holly, pine cones, and pine needles. Better yet – find some outside! Attach them to the stocking and voila, beautiful handmade stocking.

No. 9: DIY Holiday Mirror

Find an old mirror lying around in your garage, or pick one up at the thrift store, then “dress it up.” Tori Spelling just glues festive plastic ornaments to the frame, and voila, instead holiday mirror!

No. 10: Upcycled Christmas Card Ornaments

We all have old Christmas cards lying around – why not making them into new decorations? Use a circle punch to punch circles out of your old cards, then glue them on to a styrofoam ball in a festive pattern to make your ornament. So cute and fun!

No. 11: Wire Hanger Christmas Trees

This is a super cute idea that is easier than it sounds! You tie wire clothing hangers together in the shape of a Christmas tree, then decorate however you like! Kids will love to help decorate!

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