5 Brilliant Kitchen Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired April 14, 2016

Cooking expert Christopher Kimball is back to share five amazing ways to repurpose everyday objects.

Use Marbles to Preserve Your Wine

How to Use Marbles to Preserve Your Wine

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If you have leftover red wine and want to keep it from spoiling, Christopher has an excellent trick. Just put it into whatever container you like, and add glass marbles until the wine reaches the top of the container. There will be no oxygen in the container, so the wine won’t be able to oxidize!

Use a Straw to Get Broken Cork Out of Wine

If you broke your cork while opening your wine, and need to fish stray piece out, just use a straw. Stick the straw in the bottle and the floating cork will attach to it, and you can just remove it.

Make Your Own Croutons – in the Microwave

This is a truly ingenious hack. If you don’t want to take the time to make croutons in the oven, Christopher shows you how to very quickly and easily make some in the microwave!

Vacuum-Seal Your Own Freezer Bags – with a Straw

Learn how to get a vacuum-tight seal for your frozen foods without a vacuum sealing machine, with products you likely already have at home.

Make Your Own Kitchen Twine Container – for Pennies!

If you struggle with your kitchen twine getting tangled, or want to be able to just grab some quickly and easily, check out Christopher’s hack. He simply takes a small terra cotta pot and up-ends it on the pot saucer, then pulls the end of the thread out the top. Brilliant!

Which one of these hacks is your favorite? Share below!

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