These 12 Expert Tips Could Change Your Life

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From organization to décor to hair to fashion, some of our favorite life advisors Kyan Douglas, Gretta Monahan, Peter Walsh, Genevieve Gorder, are sharing their favorite tips ever!


Tip 1: Double Your Under-Sink Cabinet Space

Peter suggests hanging a tension rod under your sink and then hanging all of your cleaners off it, therefore doubling the space under your sink.

Tip 2: Maximize Your Wardrobe Storage

Peter uses simple metal soda tabs to tier his clothes hangers, then being able to hang more clothes in his closet.

Tip 3: Get Stains Out of Carpet the Easy Way

If you spill something on your carpet, you don’t need any fancy or expensive carpet cleaning products. Peter advises the one-two punch. First, blot the stain with a towel. Then, beat an egg yolk (yes, really!) with water and dab the solution over the stain. It will lift the stain right out! Amazing!

Tip 4: Use This Simple Trick to Put Your Duvet Cover On

If you’ve ever put a duvet cover on a comforter, you’ve probably struggled with cramming it in and making sure the ends all line up. Watch to learn Peter Walsh’s “sausage trick” for easily getting your duvet into its cover!

Decorating Tips

Tip 5: Use Odd Numbers to Determine Decor

If you ever wonder how many items you should put in groupings around your house, Genevieve recommends an odd number of any one type of thing, because that way your eye can find the “center” of the arrangement. On a couch, she will put three pillows on one end, and a throw on the other.

Tip 6: Arrange Your Books Artistically

Genevieve recommends going avant garde when arranging your books on the shelf. Face some in, face some out, and of course, arrange in odd numbers! She also recommends placing items among the groupings to add visual interest.

Tip 7: Store Household Products in Pretty Containers

Genevieve recommends making your home more beautiful by using beautiful containers to house everyday items. For example, she recommends storing laundry detergent in a glass drink container with a spigot.

Tip 8: Stretch a Grocery Store Bouquet By Breaking it Up

If you’re on a budget but want to decorate your home with flowers before a party, just pick up a grocery store bouquet and divide the flowers into many different small vases, and distribute the simple, delicate arrangements throughout your home.


Tip 9: Learn the 5 Basic Haircuts

Kyan Douglas reveals the five basic hair cuts: blunt, long layers, short layered cut or “shag,” bob, and the pixie.

Tip 10: Follow this Crucial Rule for Hair Coloring

When coloring your hair, start by going only two to three shades lighter or darker than your natural base color.


Tip 11: Get the Perfect Bra Fit Every Time

Gretta suggests several tips for bra fitting. First, she suggest trying a lower band size and a bigger cup size. Next, make sure the center line of your bust lines up at the center point between your elbow and shoulder. Finally, only one finger should be able to fit between your breasts.

Tip 12: How to Choose Flattering Jeans

Just follow these rules to find the perfect jeans. Gretta suggests, don’t go faded at the thigh area, make sure there aren’t “whiskers” or faded lines at the hips, and make sure the waistline of your jeans hit two fingers below your belly button.

Which one of these tips is your favorite? Tell us below!

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