4 Super Fun Party Hacks for Summer

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Party guru Mary Giuliani is here with four party hacks that will make this summer the best ever!

No. 1: Wine Slushies

Just take a large glass of sparkling or regular wine and dip in a homemade ice pop (or a store-bought one, we won’t tell).

No. 2: DIY Fruit Kabob Wine Charm

Cut letters out of fruit with cookie cutters, and string them on to a skewer to spell your guest’s name. Then, plop them into their wine glass or cocktail, and everyone will know which glass is theirs.

Bonus Tip: Freeze berries to use as ice cubes for your cocktails.

No. 3: Muffin Tin Condiment Tray

If you’re having a party and want to set out condiments and need the perfect serving dish – why not try using a six-compartment muffin tin? Brilliant!

No. 4: Party Milk Shakes

Your guests “shake” up this fun party treat! Before your party, freeze different flavors of ice cream in an ice cube tray. Then, set it out with small bottles and have your guests scoop out their flavors of choice into a bottle. Add milk and a pretty straw, and stir. How fun!

Which one of these hacks are you most excited about? Share below.

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