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Save Money This Grilling Season with 3 Tips Aired July 05, 2016

Butcher Ray Venezia is back with seven all new tips that will help you reduce your budget while maximizing flavor this summer grilling season!

Tip 1: Grill a Whole Chicken

Ray says that a whole chicken is one of the best values you can find at your meat counter. He shows you how to remove the backbone and butterfly the chicken so that it cooks quickly and efficiently on the grill.

Tip 2: Buy a Whole Filet to Make Kebabs

Ray suggests buying a whole filet of lower grade beef, then cutting it into small chunks and making into kebabs.

Tip 3: Trim Your Own Hanger Steak

Hanger steaks are a great economy option, but Ray says that often they are not butchered correctly when you see them in the supermarket. He shows you how to butterfly your own hanger steak to get that classic presentation.

Tip 4: DIY Country Style Pork Ribs

Ray reveals that “Country Style Pork Ribs” are actually just rib-end pork chops that are sliced in half.

Tip 5: Turn Your Grill Into a Smoker

Just put a little foil pouch of wood chips in the back of your grilling rack, close the top, instant smoker!

Tip 6: Don’t Close the Lid

When cooking chicken, Ray recommends to not close the lid. He says the moisture from the chicken accumulates under the hood and starts to steam the chicken.

Tip 7: Consider These Two Larger Cuts

Ray reminds us that the whole idea behind barbequing is supposed to be cooking low and slow. He suggests buying bigger cuts like brisket and pork butt if you want to feed a crowd on a budget.

Check out Ray's advice in the videos above and below!

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