3 Simple Steps to Clear the Clutter When Your Child Leaves for College

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Graduation season is upon us, which means that lots of kids will be heading off to college. If you’d like to declutter what they leave behind, watch organization expert Peter Walsh go to the home of Inside Edition’s Deborah Norville to help her transform her daughter’s room.

No. 1: The 5-5-5 Tip

To kick off any decluttering challenge, start with Peter’s Rule of 5. Find 5 items to donate, 5 items to throw in the trash, and 5 items that belong elsewhere.

No. 2: Mementos

Peter doesn’t suggest just tossing out things that are meaningful – if a certain memento brings back happy memories, why not frame it and display it in your home where you can see it frequently?

No. 3: The 6-Month Box

For items that you are undecided about, Peter suggests making a “6-month box.” Put all the items you’re unsure about into the box, and if you haven’t thought about or used them six months later, just donate everything!

What’s your biggest clutter challenge? Share below!

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