Everything You Need to Know About 3 Essential Medical Tests

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired July 15, 2016

Ever wondered why your doctor does certain tests at your checkup every year? Dr. Ian Smith is breaking down three of the most essential medical tests and explaining why you need to have them.

No. 1: Blood Pressure

What is an ideal blood pressure? Dr. Ian explains that 120/80 would be considered a great number, and “high” blood pressure is quantified as being over either 140 for the top number, or over 90 for the bottom number.

No. 2: Lungs

Dr. Ian says listening to the lungs is a key part of any exam. He wants to listen both when his patient is breathing normally, and when he or she is breathing deeply, and wants to make sure the passageways are open.

No. 3: Blood Sugar

Is Your Blood Sugar Where It Needs to Be?

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The third test that Dr. Ian demonstrates is a simple blood sugar test. He says that ideally blood sugar will be lower than 100.

Dr. Ian recommends going for a physical at least once per year, and more if you have certain health issues.

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