Organize Your Kitchen with 2 Brilliant Double-Duty Hacks Using Dollar Store Finds

by Rachael Ray Show Staff 9:00 AM, September 8, 2016

Aired September 8, 2016

You’ll wonder why you never thought of these brilliant kitchen hacks using dollar store finds.

Straw Cup --> Twine Dispenser

If you have baker’s twine in your kitchen, you know it can be a pain to unwind it while you’re busy cooking.

To make this uber-convenient dispenser, just pop a ball of string or twine into a dollar store straw cup, remove the straw, and thread the twine through the hole at the top. Instant twine dispenser!

Kids Clothing Hangers --> Hanging Chip Clips

Are you sick of your chips getting stale and the half-eaten bags piling up awkwardly in your snack cabinet? Try this ingenious hack for hanging chip clips.

Take some kid-size clothing hangers and repurpose them as chip clips, which you can then use to close your chips and hang them in an orderly row in your cupboard.

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