Save Big with These Smart Dollar Store Shopping Tips

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Playing Save Big with These Smart Dollar Store Shopping Tips

Do you ever wonder if you’re really getting a good deal when you shop at a dollar store? No need to question it anymore, because financial whiz and New York Times best-selling author of Love Your Life, Not Theirs: 7 Money Habits for Living the Life You Want, Rachel Cruze is sharing her dollar store shopping road map!

Before she starts any shopping trip, Rachel, the daughter of personal finance guru Dave Ramsey, makes sure to get her budget in order. She likes to spend using cash versus a credit or debit card, because it helps you stay on top of your spending better. She designed a wallet for just that purpose that features multi-colored clips for sorting out the cash for various budgets.

When you’re ready to hit a dollar store, Rachel cautions that you really need to read your labels, saying, “The products are going to be different, not just in quantity but quality as well.”


Windshield Wiper Fluid

This is where comparing product information comes in handy. The auto shop windshield wiper fluid might be able to be used when it’s 20 degrees, whereas the dollar store item might only work at 32 degrees and up. Buying a dollar store version is not going to help you on a freezing day!

Toilet Paper

Rachel advises buying this at the regular grocery store. She says the rolls of toilet paper at the dollar store frequently have less paper on them, so you are paying a higher per-unit price.


Party Supplies and Paper Goods

Rachel says to pick up things like wrapping paper, and party supplies like plates, cups and napkins at a dollar store to save the bucks, because the quality and quantity are comparable and the prices are lower.

Seasonal Decorations

The seasonal decorations that Rachel picked up at the dollar store appear to be extremely similar to the ones from higher end craft or hobby stores, so she advises saving some cash by getting them at a dollar store.

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