Rachael Ray Answers Facebook Question: What is EVOO?

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Ask Rachael Ray: What is EVOO? Aired October 06, 2016

If there’s one word or phrase in the food lexicon that Rachael Ray is most known for, it’s probably her self-coined acronym EVOO, which stands for Extra Virgin Olive Oil, one of her favorite ingredients. But (perhaps shockingly?) not everyone has heard of the phrase!

Viewer Jerri Hardin wrote in to our Facebook page, asking, “In many of RR’s recipes, there is an ingredient called “EVOO”; can someone please tell me what this is, as I have never heard of it before & would like to try some recipes, but I don’t know what EVOO is or where to get it! Help!”

Rach was a good sport about it, sharing a quick lesson about this most-ubiquitous of ingredients.

“EVOO means Extra Virgin Olive Oil. What we’re really referring to is grocery-store grade EVOO,” she explains, adding, “If you can see through it, you can cook with it up to medium-high heat. Above that you need high temperature oil.”

Rach loves this liquid gold so much that she even sells her own brand: “I have an all-Italian EVOO. A lot of grocery store quality olive oils are actually a product of Spain and just say Italian on it, meaning it just went through and got labeled in Italy.”

When you head to the grocery store, Rach says, “Just look for a fair price, and if you’re buying an Italian olive oil, read the label carefully [to make sure you know where it’s actually coming from].”

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