How Shopping in THIS Department Can Help Ladies Save BIG

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Saskia Sumida from Brooklyn, New York asked fashion guru Gretta Monahan how she can pull off a laid-back, but still office-friendly outfit without spending a fortune.

Gretta’s solution? “Shop the men’s department!”

“You can get the same trendy looks for at least 50% or more off!”

Check out the video above to see the stylish outfit she pulled together for Saskia using men’s clothing. Gretta said that exact outfit in the women’s department would have cost $126.99, and they only paid $64.08! (Not. Fair.)

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Why Do Men’s Clothes Cost Less?

“With men’s clothes, the company doesn’t have to build so many different patterns and templates as far as sizes, silhouettes and shapes,” says Gretta. “It’s simpler, so they can put more money into the textiles, the cut and actual construction, so it’s actually higher quality.”

While that’s great news for men, here’s some help from Gretta about shopping for women’s clothing and accessories.

When You Should Save VS. Spend on Clothing + Accessories

One of our viewers, Toya Hall from New York City said she’s having trouble figuring out which items she should spend more or less money on. Get Gretta’s Save Vs. Spend guide to clothing and accessories below.

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SAVE: Tights
Gretta says there’s no need to splurge on expensive nylons. They’re so thin, they often nick, run and snag, so you’re better off spending less on each pair, and buying multiples of them.

SPEND: Everyday Bag
This is something you carry everyday, so it needs to be durable.

“You want to make sure it’s a genuine leather or suede,” says Gretta. “That’s really important, because it’s going to age better.”

SAVE: Suede
Buy faux-suede instead of the real thing. It cleans easy, has a low price-point and it looks authentic!

SAVE: Neutrals
Gretta says that when you have inexpensive clothing in bright colors, the quality of the fabric isn’t good and they can bleed in the wash, but with neutrals, they look more luxe so you get more bang for your buck!

SPEND: Special Occasion Dress
Gretta says if it’s got a lot of trim and beadwork, that type of detail costs a lot of money to construct, so you don’t want to get something that’s going to fall apart on you. If you don’t want to cough up the cash on something you’re likely only going to wear once, Gretta suggests renting -- starting price points are around $35 and the quality won’t let you down!

SPEND: Jeans
If you’re the type of person to wear your jeans more than once a week, Gretta says you need a good quality jean made with great fabric that’ll last. She suggests spending a little more, but only on classic cuts, like straight, boot, or flare.

If you’re shopping for something trendy like distressed, cropped or embellished, Gretta suggests buying them at the less expensive stores.

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