7 Tips to Make Spring Cleaning Faster + Easier Than Ever

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired July 11, 2017

Dreading spring cleaning? Don’t! Our favorite cleaning and organizing expert Peter Walsh is here with 7 tips that will make it go way faster.

No. 1: Use Car Wax to Make Your Stove Easier to Clean

If you’re planning to scrub your stovetop, don’t you want it to stay clean for awhile? Peter’s solution -- just buff a little car wax onto the stove top, which will seal it and make it easier to clean next time.

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No 2: The Easy Way to Clean Your Window Screens

Peter recommends cleaning your screens once per year. First, take the screen out of your window and wet it down with water (best done in the bathtub or driveway). Then spray with his special formula: one part ammonia to three parts water with about a tablespoon of dish detergent. Let it sit for awhile, then scrub and rinse, and you’re done!

Tip: When you take your screens out of your window, use a Sharpie to mark the top corner with the window it came from. That way, if you’re cleaning a lot of screens, you know where they go when you’re done!

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No. 3: Clean + Defog Your Bathroom Mirror

Just a tiny bit of regular shaving cream can clean your mirror, plus coat it so that it won’t fog up the next time you shower. Who knew?

No. 4: Clean Your Sink Faucets with a Dryer Sheet

Dryer sheets have so many bonus uses, but this one is extra cool -- use a regular old dryer sheet to get the grime off your sink faucets and handles!

No. 5: Clean Your Toilet (and Sinks) with Denture Tablets

Just leave a denture tablet in your toilet overnight and flush in the morning -- that’s all you need to do to get tough stains out of your toilet.

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No. 6: Clean Your Washing Machine with a Dishwasher Tablet

Did you know that bacteria can accumulate in your washer? Eww! Fix that by just running an empty load in your front-loading washer on warm with a dishwasher detergent tablet (that’s not wrapped in plastic) in the detergent drawer. Peter recommends doing this once every three months.

No. 7: Refresh Dry Clean-Only Clothes

When you’re taking your spring or summer clothes out from storage, you can refresh them with Peter’s simple spray solution. Mix one part fabric softener to two parts vinegar and two parts water, then spray on your clothes and let them air dry. Voila -- fresh-scented for spring!

Hint -- Watch videos 4 and 7 and try to keep a straight face as Rach and Peter bust out laughing as the demonstrations take unexpected twists.

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