4 Renter-Friendly Ideas for Decorating Your Apartment on the Cheap

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Playing 4 Renter-Friendly Ideas for Decorating Your Apartment on the Cheap

Pete Souhleris and Dave Seymour from A&E’s “Flipping Boston” and their new show “Bragging Rights” are back with four new, super-affordable DIY projects that can make your home look like a million bucks, but are totally temporary.

1) Use Wallpaper in Unexpected Ways

Even if you live in an apartment and can’t make permanent changes to the walls of your home, you can use this product! Pete shows you how to use removable wallpaper to dress up your walls, stairs or even your ceiling.

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2) Hang Without Making Holes

Don’t want to worry about having to spackle if you move or change your mind about a wall hanging? Just use removable adhesive hooks. Dave shows you how you can even hang a rack using these hooks, from which you can then hang other household items.

3) Upgrade Your Tile -- Temporarily

This is a super fun tip -- use stick-on tile to upgrade tile you already have! Pete says you can also have custom prints made, so you can literally put any image you want on your tile!

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4) Bling Your Light Switches

Want the look of custom light switches? Just use a glitzy (but cheap) dollar store picture frame around your light switch -- instant glam factor!

You’ll be able to check out “Bragging Rights” at builddesignlive.com.

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