4 Cheap + Easy DIY Projects That Actually Look Like a Million Bucks


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Meet Two Moms Who Have Mastered the Art of DIY Aired August 14, 2017

Deb and Charlotte are two viewers who definitely have a thing or two to teach us about design on a budget! Both busy moms use DIY techniques to make their home look luxe without spending big bucks, and they’re going head-to-head in our tip-off, demonstrating their favorite easy projects.

Learn How to Hang a Shiplap Wall -- Perfectly

If you watch home improvement shows, you know that shiplap (a wooden board typically used in sheds and barns) walls are everywhere. Deb shows you how to do it yourself at home, using quarters to space the boards perfectly!

Turn a Cheap Table Into a Thing of Metallic Beauty

It really doesn’t get easier than this, folks. Charlotte shows you how to take an inexpensive table and massively upgrade it by applying metallic contact paper!

Web Exclusive: Create Your Own Rustic-Looking Sign

Deb demonstrates how to make a sign that spells out “EAT” (or any other word or phrase you like) with letters from the craft store and a can of spray paint. She gets a rustic farmhouse effect by dabbing on craft paint as a final step.

Web Exclusive: Make a Sunburst Mirror for a Steal

We’ve all seen those expensive sunburst mirrors at fancy home stores -- they could run you several hundred dollars! But Charlotte shares a super-easy way to make your own for way less -- just buy cheap wooden shims at the hardware store, glue them together in a sunburst pattern, attach a mirror in the center and paint the color of your choice.

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