These 2 Genius Apps Will Help You Save Money While Christmas Shopping

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Playing These 2 Genius Apps Will Help You Save Money While Christmas Shopping

'Tis the season of giving!

But if you don't watch yourself, you might find yourself giving a little too much. And no one wants you to be strapped for cash! (After all, it's the thought the counts!)

So how do you make sure your expenses don't get out of control this holiday season? "Master of Money" Dave Ramsey says there's an obvious something that is sure to help — apps!

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And there are two he recommends most.

The first? His own EveryDollar budgeting app (which is free!). It's designed to help you create a budget, manage your money and track your spending — which is CRUCIAL this time of year!

The second app is the ScanLife app, which is truly pure genius. You just pop it open, scan the barcode of the thing you're trying to purchase and watch as the app pulls up every location that sells the product in question.

Not only that, it'll tell you how much that product costs elsewhere, so you can be sure you're getting the best deal. Pretty awesome, right?

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While this one's not digital, here's one more amazing tip Dave shared: When you go shopping, bring an "accountability partner." That person should be someone honest, who will not mind telling you when you're spending too much!

And another bonus of that person? If there's a two-for-one sale, you can split the cost and each leave with something. How's THAT for quality shopping?

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For more from Dave — including why he DOESN'T recommend online shopping — watch the video above!

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