If You're Interviewing for a Job, Here's The One Thing You Should NEVER Do

by Rose Marie Walano 3:00 AM, February 26, 2018

Aired February 26, 2018

 When gearing up for an interviewing, there's one thing we all generally feel we should appear to be — eager.

But according to "Shark Tank" star Barbara Corcoran, while you don't want to see uninterested, you don't want to appear overly excited either!

"Very often, you're in a position of selling yourself in an interview or selling a product, and it's so important to not look like you really want it," says Barbara.

Say WHAT?!

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"I know that sounds weird, but you have to create a sense of demand!" she explains. "Like, if the next guy wants it, be assured that your customer's gonna want it."

The same rationale applies to the job hunt, she says. "If you're applying for a job, and you act like you have other offers — [implying] it in your own natural, unnatural way — they want you more. I know this for a fact because I've hired hundreds and hundreds of people in my life."

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We're picking up what you're putting down, Barbara!

Watch the business genius spill even more in the video above!