3 Truly Creative Ways to Organize Your Office Space in a Cinch

by Rose Marie Walano 3:00 AM, April 19, 2018

Aired April 19, 2018

Our good friend, organizing guru Peter Walsh, loves to come in and show us the cleverest ways you can clean up your home (and thus, your life!).

But for this visit, we had him do a little something different.

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We asked him to judge two top bloggers and organizing experts as they each shared their best tips for organizing your office space — starting with what you can do with your empty spice rack!

1. Repurpose Your Spice Rack

Janet M. Taylor from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, says that when she's done with her spice rack, she takes all the empty spice bottles and fills them up with office and crafting supplies — tacks, paperclips, miniature poms, you name it!

(Peter liked this one because he says you can also find these empty spice racks for cheap at your local Goodwill!)

2. Make Your File Cabinet Portable

Aly Finkelstein from Livingston, New Jersey, on the other hand, focused on your files! "File cabinets tend to be huge and bulky, and they have way too much stuff in them," she says.

The solution? Take a square basket -- you might already have one at home -- and pick up a file folder frame from your local store (about $5). You pop it inside the basket, then hang your files right on the frame. Once it's set, you can pick it up and take your files with you wherever you want to go!

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(And don't forget to label and color-coordinate your files!)

3. Make the Most of Your Vertical Space

Back to Janet! Janet says that while it's important to keep your desk clean, you should not forget that you have vertical space above your desk, which can also help you organize! Janet's tool of choice? A magnet strip! You just nail it into the wall and then attach anything metal to it! Janet demonstrated with aluminum cans filled with pens and markers, which stayed GLUED to the magnet strip!

(Fun fact: Rach says she uses one of these for her knifes!)

All pretty amazing tips, right?

But Peter could only crown ONE lady the De-Clutter Queen. And the award (and our very glamorous, golden plastic crown) went to…



But! Because, as Rachael often notes, she likes to play with the rules a bit, not only did Janet win a $500 gift card to Staples, but Aly won one, too!

Nice, ladies!