20-Min FULL-BODY Workout (Low-Impact, No Jumping)

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Playing 20-Min FULL-BODY Workout (Low-Impact, No Jumping)

20-Min FULL-BODY Workout (Low-Impact, No Jumping)

This 20-minute home workout routine uses reps to exercise your full body, from your biceps to your core — and it can be done in a small space!

Lifestyle expert Tommy DiDario, who covers men's fashion, grooming, travel, health, wellness and fitness for us, takes you through each workout group in the video above.

He substitutes household items — like hardcover books (like Rach's latest cookbook, Rachael Ray 50!) — in place of yoga blocks and laundry detergent instead of free weights.

"[Try to] do every group of exercises 4 times — that's going to give you the best workout possible," Tommy says. "Do as many as you can. I like 10-15, but if it's a bit less, all that matters is you do it."

Pro Tip: Give yourself about 30 seconds to a minute to rest in between. Be sure to start out slowly if you haven’t been exercising regularly or are a beginner.

You can reward yourself post-workout with one of Tommy's better-for-you (but still delicious) Healthy Flourless Chocolate Chip Cookies.

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