80s Long Hair Makeover

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Playing 80s Long Hair Makeover

80s Long Hair Makeover

"It was 1988 when I decided to grow my hair out," says Mike, "I saw a Motley Crue video and I said, 'I want that kind of hair!'" He loved it so much that he never changed it! Now the 34-year-old has a 2-foot pony tail down his back that he realizes is getting in the way of his career goals. "I'm trying to interview for an advertising or graphic design job. I try all the time to look professional, it does not register with anybody. They see me and are like, 'hippy!'" His girlfriend Tara loves the long hair, but agrees it is time for a change and wants him to get a makeover. Kyan Douglas takes on the challenge and agrees to help this guy change his style for the first time in more than two decades!

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