"Ask Elizabeth" with Elizabeth Berkley

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Playing "Ask Elizabeth" with Elizabeth Berkley

"Ask Elizabeth" with Elizabeth Berkley

Elizabeth Berkley first made a household name for herself as the cute Jessie Spano on *Saved by the Bell*, but it was her breakthrough role in 1995's *Showgirls* that had all of Hollywood buzzing. Over 15 years later, the kitschy and controversial film has risen to cult-like status - and that's just fine with Elizabeth! "People are addicted to it," she says with pride. "Look, it's over the top and silly, and I love that people get a kick out of it; it was not intended to be serious." One of the roles that Elizabeth takes very seriously is reaching out and engaging teens in healthy dialogues. "For five years, I've been facilitating self-esteem workshops in middle schools and high schools for over 30,000 girls," she explains. She has taken much of the knowledge from those workshops and written her first book, the *New York Times* bestseller, *Ask Elizabeth*, a mentoring guide for young girls in which she answers age-old questions about love, friendships, body image and how to deal with life in general. "It has moved me that something that was created to be of service to people has touched people," Elizabeth says, "and it showed me what a need there was to kind of fill this void in our culture." Watch the video above to see three of Rachael's teen audience members "Ask Elizabeth" for advice on distancing yourself from friends who make bad decisions, how to balance your time between family and friends, and more!

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