Can Men Wear Makeup?

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Playing Can Men Wear Makeup?

Can Men Wear Makeup?

Think guys can't wear makeup? Celebrity makeup artist Sam Fine, with the help of three brave men, demonstrates three cutting edge products that may have *your* man fighting you for mirror time! **Brow Gel**
"It's one of the easiest things to use," Sam says. "It keeps those unruly brows together." He adds that you can also use the gel to tame beards, mustaches and sideburns. "It keeps your hairs going in one direction and looking a bit more groomed." **The Men Pen**
Sam explains, "Like many women, men get some redness, a pimple ... Why should guys not be able to cover it up?" Sam recommends The Men Pen, saying, "It's a concealer stick, but don't say it's a concealer stick or else they won't buy it!" **Guyliner**
Women aren't the only ones who want to have good-looking eyes, according to Sam, who suggests men can use a manlier version of eyeliner called Guyliner. "It shows you how to define your eyes in a more masculine way," he says. Watch the video above to see what the guys think about their new makeup products!

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