Curtis "50" Jackson Talks TV Projects + New Book with Rachael!

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Playing Curtis "50" Jackson Talks TV Projects + New Book with Rachael!

Curtis "50" Jackson Talks TV Projects + New Book with Rachael!

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson joins Rachael on tomorrow's show, and opens up about deciding to write vulnerably in his book, “Hustle Harder, Hustle Smarter;” he also talks with Rachael about his current TV projects and how he’s developed an eye for material he wants to produce.   

And as a super-fan, Rachael wants to know – is there a chance “Power Book II” might join the trend of TV shows and movies being released early? 

“There’s a strong possibility!” 50 revealed. “We do have to rearrange the dates, because the original content for Starz…we’ve got an eight-episode season in the can. We were going to go 10, but the virus stopped that.”

Rachael also congratulated him on his ABC series, “For Life.”

“[That] project is great,” 50 said. “The timing is great on that. I can identify now – I’m hot! I’m getting hot now. I’m starting to identify with the right material.”

50 also opens up about deciding to be more vulnerable in his latest book:

“I spend so much time acting with the public in an entertainment format, that they don’t see the vulnerability; they just see the 50 Cent presentation. When I got a chance to pull back on it, just being able to write it down, and get it in to the actual book, [that] is easier than presenting it to the public.”

He also talks about how his definition of success has changed throughout his career, as he’s gone through setbacks and different ups and downs:

“If you have a long enough career, you’re going to have peaks and valleys in it. There’s points where you look and the ratings are through the roof; there’s points where it’s flat. There’s different things going on…. And saying to yourself, there’s no amount that you would look at and say, “OK, I’m successful.” I mean, how much is too much? You can’t really point to it.

“There’s a point that you’ve bought everything, so you look and you go, I really don't want any of these things, so you start to be conscious of philanthropy, and you want to give back to people and help as much as possible. But until you’ve reached that point – it shouldn’t be a number amount. Because we all could exceed expectations. I never expected to make as much money as I made on my first record. And then after you’ve done that, everything opens up and you start looking at things a lot different.”

Rachael also has a couple of surprise gifts for 50; she had wanted them to be thank-you gifts for playing at her Feedback music event at SXSW in March, but since the festival was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, she surprises him on the show.

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