Fixing DIY Hair Disasters with Kyan Douglas

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Playing Fixing DIY Hair Disasters with Kyan Douglas

Fixing DIY Hair Disasters with Kyan Douglas

After cutting and dying their own hair for years, two viewers have seen their coifs go from gorgeous to DIY disasters! They're getting help from Kyan Douglas whose solutions can transform any hair dilemma. Get his tips below and check out the gallery to the right for the dramatic before-and-after photos! **Hair Coloring** Jennifer, 34, is a natural brunette who wants to be a redhead, but she says that when she colors her own hair there's a 50-50 chance it winds up a disaster. Kyan gives her a few tips to avoid the mulit-colored "kaleidoscope" look: • Section your hair into four quadrants and do a very deliberate and even application on each to prevent mishaps. • Take some conditioner and run it along your hairline from ear to ear so that when you're coloring your hair and you get a little on your forehead it will rinse right off. • Get a really great shampoo and conditioner that are specifically for redheads and color maintenance. Consider a conditioner that deposits a little bit of color to help your color last a little bit longer. **Hair Cutting** Kelley, 26, cuts her own hair because she's too afraid to let anyone touch it, but ends up putting it up in a ponytail that she calls a "big, shapeless poofball." Kyan says, "We have two eyes in the front of our heads and we have two hands - how do you think you're going to cut your own hair?" His tips for Kelley and anyone who cuts their own hair: • Don't cut your own hair! Cutting your own hair is like taking out your own tonsils - it's just not a good idea. • When you go into a salon, be sure to communicate what your needs are. Tell your stylist how you plan on wearing your hair. • If you don't want to spend a lot of money on the upkeep of your 'do, get a haircut that doesn't need a lot of maintenance. Choose a long-layered hair cut as opposed to a bob or a pixie that requires a lot of maintenance.

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