"Going Too Far?" with Bob Saget

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Playing "Going Too Far?" with Bob Saget

"Going Too Far?" with Bob Saget

When comedian Bob Saget stops by, he can't help but notice a pleasant aroma permeating Rachael's studio. "You smell very good," he tells Rachael. "What is that?"

"It's eau de cooking," Rachael jokes, and Bob shoots right back. "It's that chicken musk that drives a man wild," he says. "Before I came out here, I put a little curry behind my ears."

TV watchers first got to meet Bob when he played the loveable dad on the classic sitcom Full House, but he tells Rachael that viewers should not expect to see that same wholesome family life on his new comedy Surviving Suburbia. "It's a different look," he explains. "It's hopefully holding up a mirror to how people really are. Just simple things that we all do, like why do parents do their kids' school projects for them?" In his new role, he reveals, "I accidentally drink a little too much one night and send a drunk e-mail to the teacher. That's the situational comedy aspect, to go and have to pay penance and apologize to the teacher for having done that."

Rachael asks if Bob is bringing his own suburban stories to the show and he quickly answers, "Not that one!"

Bob then lets loose for a round of "Going Too Far?" Watch the video for his take on recent controversial headlines, and cast your vote below!

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