"Going Too Far?" with Elisabeth Hasselbeck

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Playing "Going Too Far?" with Elisabeth Hasselbeck

"Going Too Far?" with Elisabeth Hasselbeck

The last time The View's Elisabeth Hasselbeck was at the kitchen table with Rachael, she said she wasn't quite ready for baby #3 because she and her husband would be "outnumbered." Well, it looks like she's conquered that fear because she's back with her adorable baby bump! "This baby's moving!" Elisabeth notes, rubbing her pregnant belly. "It must like you already, Rach, because it's moving." Rachael asks if Elisabeth is going to find out the sex of the baby. "I wait," she says. "It gets me through the pushing and pain and at least I have a surprise!"

Rachael gets Elisabeth to imagine how her View co-hosts would fare as babysitters for her family, which already includes a son and a daughter under the age of 5. "After Whoopi would babysit the kids ... they would have a rip-roaring time but they would give me no details," she jokes. "Joy? For whatever reason, Joy has this bosom that babies love, so she would have the baby ... Sherri, there would be no TV. Sherri just needs to be there and she's like Dora but more! She's incredible, and plus she has Jeffrey so they'd be able to play ... Barbara? She's a great burper so she would burp the new baby," Elizabeth says, adding that her 4-year-old would probably get a special lesson from the legendary journalist. "Grace would come out having written a full story or an interview on somebody. It would be like University of Barbara!"

Joking aside, Elisabeth loves spending time with her family, including family dinners. Meals include plenty of gluten-free dishes, which Elisabeth embraced in 2004 when she was diagnosed with celiac disease and had to eliminate barley, oats, wheat and rye. "Once I took that out of my diet, I was new!" she tells Rachael. Her book The G-Free Diet serves as a survival guide for others with the disease, offering loads of options for delicious and healthy meals. "Last night, we were eating gluten-free noodles and they have flax and rice," Elisabeth explains. "I felt good about them eating that."

When anyone from The View drops by, Rachael invites them to share their trademark opinions in a round of "Going Too Far?" Watch the video above to see Elisabeth's take on some controversial headlines, and let us know what you think below!

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