How to Look Better Naked

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How to Look Better Naked

Wish you could look better naked? When a viewer asked us for help conquering her own fears, Rachael asked the author of *Look Better Naked!* for some guidance. "It's a universal terror," says Michele Promaulayko. "We only spend a couple of minutes a day nude. It sounds funny, but it doesn't feel natural!" She is also the editor in chief of *Women's Health*, which recently surveyed more than 3,500 women on this topic. "Seventy-five percent of them said they weren't psyched about the way they looked naked," she explains. "It's a whopping number, it's huge! But, moreover, they wanted to do something about it." Michele's new book suggests everything from exercise and eating plans to confidence boosters that can change your attitude about being in the buff, including a few ideas that could help you look better naked by tonight! Get some of her best strategies below: **How to feel sexier naked** • Get out of your comfort zone: You will feel better about how you look naked if you are more used to your own skin, so the next time you are home alone, Michele suggests stripping down and trying out some ordinary activities. "It's just about moving out of your comfort zone, doing things that you might not ordinarily do naked like eating, even sleeping in the nude, just getting comfortable in that state." **Tips for improving how you look** • Improve your posture: Your body will look more lean and slender if you're not slouching. "When you stand or sit up straight, you engage your abdominal muscles, they're not bulging out, they're not asleep." • Reduce salt and soda intake: "Avoid belly-bloating foods - things that have a lot of sodium in them and might cause you to retain fluids," including carbonated beverages. • Try a spray tan: "They cover a multitude of things if you really need to feel better tonight!"

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