How to Tell If You're Wearing the Right Bra

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Playing How to Tell If You're Wearing the Right Bra

How to Tell If You're Wearing the Right Bra

Women spend billions of dollars a year on bras, but an estimated 85 percent of them are wearing the wrong size! Rachael brings in the "bra whisperer" Susan Nethero to see how some of our audience members are shaping up and Susan finds ladies suffering from spillage, loose straps and lackluster cleavage. "Most women think that their bodies are to blame for their bra fit problems," she notes. But one's shape is often more about the fit of the undergarments, so she encourages women to go for a free bra fitting every two years to get the best design for their figure. "Most women are afraid to ask for help!" Check out some of Susan's tips below to get you started! • **Invest in your bra wardrobe.** It's better to have fewer bras of better quality than a drawer full of impulse purchases that are not comfortable. "Get your great every day basics. Three bras is a great minimum, but ideally you should work up to five to seven good bras in your wardrobe." • **Never put bras in the dryer.** Wash bras in the machine on a cool, gentle cycle and always use a sensitive soap meant for synthetic fibers. "We like women to clasp them and put them in a netted bag so you protect them so the twists and turns don't damage the underwires or get your hooks caught in other garments," Susan explains. "Always hang them to dry. You won't damage the elastic." And, she notes, proper care will save you money. "You'll double the life of your lingerie and your hosiery." • **Alternate bras at least every two days.** "They stretch just like shoes, they stretch and what ends up happening is the bra gets sloppy."

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